Writing Communities is an exciting new text and reader that connects students to neighborhoods and writing courses to communities. Part One introduces students to academic reading and writing skills and prompts them to examine how their communities influence their writing. Part Two then shows students how their academic reading and writing skills can serve as a bridge into working—and producing writing—with the community. The text promotes involvement in and advocacy of social issues such as education, housing, and cultural justice, and assignments provide students with opportunities to put concepts into practice, such as setting up community writing groups, hosting events, and producing publications. A rich variety of readings ranging from personal narratives and poetry to essays and educational scholarship help show students the myriad ways in which writing makes things happen in the world.

The skills students learn from Writing Communities will prepare them for any collaborative work they may take on—in any community they may be a part of—in college and beyond.


Undergraduate/Temple University

ELECT 004: Basic Writing

English 40: Introduction to Academic Writing

English 50: College Composition

English Honors 90: College Composition

English l0l: Developing Prose Styles

English Honors l9l

English 201: Advanced Composition


Undergraduate/Syracuse University

CAS 101: Freshman Forum

CAS 201: Transfer Forum

ENG 600: Writing Within and Beyond the Curriculum

WRT 105: Practices of Academic Writing

WRT 205: Critical Research and Writing

WRT 255: Advanced Argument (Previously WRT 200)

WRT 300: Community Writing

WRT 301: Civic Writing

WRT 400: Writing for Change

WRT 428: Studies in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy

WRT 440: Studies in the Politics of Language and Writing

WRT 470: Experience Credit

WRT 490: Independent Study


Graduate/Temple University

English 508: Teaching Practicum

English 760: History of Composition


Graduate/Syracuse University

CCR 601: Pedagogy

CCR 611: Composition Histories

CCR 632: Studies in Writing Pedagogy

CCR 633: Writing, Rhetoric, and Technologies

CCR 690: Independent Study

CCR 712: Advanced Theory and Philosophy of Composition

CCR 732:  Advanced Theories in Composition Pedagogy

CCR: 706: Research in Composition

CCR: 760: Advanced Studies in Cultural Rhetoric and Composition


Undergraduate Independent Study Courses/Internships

Katharine Tull

Brooke Leon

Maria Sanfeliu-Cruz

Alexandra Abrams

Alonna Berry

Tatiana Brito

Jeffrey Cheung

Jameson Fleming

Jocelyn Baird

Adrienne Becker

Terrell Hargrove

Jon Greenhaigh

Tracy twombly

Tess Kohanski

Irene Manahan

Blake Rong

Alejandro Ortiz

Alicia Landsberg

Mary Gallagher

Elisea Blaque


Abigail Charbonneau

Isaris Baez

Alexander Maiman

Bodeline Dautruche

Johnathan McClintick

Maryann Akinboyeawa

Alexander Nelson

Nicole Zamoida

Ginger Peterman

Zach Barlow

Molly Valesquez-Brown


Dissertations Supervised

Hannah Ashley, Urban Education

Romeo Garcia, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric

Ben Kuebrich, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric

Michael Lasley, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric

Jason Luther, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric

Jess Pauszek, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric                                \


Dissertation/Exam Committees

Brian Bailie, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Tessa Brown, Syracuse University

Collette Caton, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Kelly Concannon, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Tamara Issak, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Carolyn Ostrander, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Jessica Restaino, English, Temple University

Yanira Rodriguez, Syracuse University

LaToya Sawyer, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Karianne Soto, Writing Program, Syracuse University

Deborah Williams, English, Temple University

Graduate Independent Studies

Ryan Bince

Romeo Garcia

Ben Kuebrich

Jessica Pauszek

Yanira Rodriquez

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