Clearly, A Work-in-Progress…..

Selected Courses

Undergraduate/Temple University

ELECT 004: Basic Writing

English 40: Introduction to Academic Writing

English 50: College Composition

English Honors 90: College Composition

English l0l: Developing Prose Styles

English Honors l9l

English 201: Advanced Composition

Undergraduate/Syracuse University

CAS 101: Freshman Forum

WRT 105: Academic Reading

WRT 205: Academic Research

WRT 255: Advanced Argument

WRT 300: Community Publishing

WRT 301: Civic Writing

WRT 440: Studies in the Politics of Language and Writing

WRT 470: Experience Credit

WRT 428: Studies in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy           

Graduate/Temple University

English 508: Teaching Practicum

English 760: History of Composition

Graduate/Syracuse University

 CCR 601: Pedagogy

CCR 611: Composition Histories

CCR 632: Studies in Writing Pedagogy

CCR 690: Independent Study

CCR: 706: Research in Composition

CCR: 760: Advanced Studies in Cultural Rhetoric and Composition

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