Selected Peer Reviewed Articles

“Dreams of تويزة/Twiza as Transnational Practice: Managing Risk, Building Bridges, and Community Partnership Work,” Composition Forum, 2018.

“Of Rights Without Guarantees: Friction at the Borders of Nations, Digital Spaces, and Classrooms,” Literacy in Composition Studies, 2018.

“Syrians for Truth and Justice: Articulating Entanglements, Disrupting Disciplinarity,” Making Futures Matter, Computers and Composition Press, 2018.

“Then Comes Fall: Activism, the Arab Spring, and the Necessity of Unruly Borders,” Unruly Rhetorics: Protest, Persuasion, and Politics.Eds. Alexander, Jarrat, Welsch. University of Pittsburgh Press, PA, 2018.

“Alliances, Assemblages, an Affects: Three Moments of Building Collective-Working Class Ethos,” Journal of College Composition and Communication, 2018.

“The Power of Writing,” Peer Review: Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2017: n.p.

“I Hear Its Chirping Coming from My Throat: Activism, Archives, and Long Road Ahead,” Literacy in Composition Studies, 2017.

“Generating the Field: The Role of Editors in Disciplinary Formation,” (with Victor Villanueva and Cynthia Selfe) Composition Forum,  2017.

 “The Powerful Potential of Relationships and Community Writing,” Community Literacy Journal. Autumn, 2016.

“An Interview with Steve Parks,” Reflections, 2016. 

“A Career: An Interview with Steve Parks,” Community Literacy Journal 2016. .

“Sponsors and Activists: Deborah Brandt, Sponsorship, and the Work to Come,” Journal of College Composition and Communication, 2015.

“Sinners Welcome: The Limits of Rhetorical Agency,” College English, 2014. 

“Civic/Public,” Keywords in Composition Studies. Editors: Paul Heilker and Peter Vandenberg. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann Press, 2014.

“Beginnings of a Polemic: Shaking the Borders of a Literate Education,” Literacy in Composition Studies, 2013.

“Opportunity Lost: Disciplinarity, Community Activism, and the Grand Compromise,” Transcripts: An Interdisciplinary Online Journal in the Humanities and Social Sciences at UC Irvine, 2013.

“The Goals of Grassroots Publishing in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring,” Reflections, 2012.

“Emergent Strategies for an Established Field: Worker Writer Collectives,” College Composition and Communication. 2010.

“Strategic Speculations on the Question of Value,” College English, May 2009 (Republished in Unsustainable, Ed. Jess Restaino, 2012. 

“The Extra-Curricular of Composition: Community Publishing,” Community Literacy Journal, 2009.  

“Reinventing Community,” Teaching Writing in the Late Age of Print (Ed. Jeffery Galin, Hampton Press)

“The Students’ Right To Their Own Language and Progressive Politics,” The Hope and the Legacy: The Past, Present, and Future of the “Students’ Right To Their Own Language.” (Eds. Patrick Bruch and Richard Marback, Hampton Press).

Writing Beyond the Curriculum,” College English,” (with Eli Goldblatt), College English, 2000.

 Laborers Across the Curriculum,” Tenured Faculty/Disposable Teachers. Eds. Marc Bousquet and Anthony Lyons. Southern Illinois Press.

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